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The Devi Project

An elderly indian lady in a saree standing in center of the doorway of her home


In Hindu mythology, there are many forms or avatars of Devi, the goddess. Some say there are nine. In India and across Asia, women are referred to as Devi and seen as her physical embodiment. Each of Devi’s avatars stands for something different, a unique virtue or power: education, prosperity and destruction, to name a few. Here are stories of women who have become closely associated, or are seen as synonymous, with what these avatars stand for. The Devi Project by Cutting Chai Content is an on-going portrait film series documenting the lives, lessons and legacies of captivating women, irrespective of religion, culture or creed.

Watch the award winning series below

  • An indian lady in her Indian Air Force uniform

    Officer. 4971.

  • A Ladakhi woman surrounded by mountains looking up and smiling

    Nun. Change-maker.

  • An indian lady in a hijab looking over her balcony

    Teacher. Believer.

  • An elderly indian lady in a saree giving an interview while sitting

    Reviver. Realist.

  • An indian lady smiling at the camera with mountains as her background

    Typographist. Trailblazer.

  • A group of indian women in sarees sitting on the ground playing the drums

    Drummers. Disruptors.

  • An Indian woman in a saree giving an interview while seated

    Activist. Idealist.

  • An Indian woman looking over her balcony

    Defender. Path-Maker.

  • An Indian woman wearing a saree smiling while giving an interview

    Kang, The Killer Bug Buster

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